Sunday, April 4, 2010


went back to Mohican with the single speed 29er. I thought I was just going to do half a lap (11miles) and then take the road back up the hill and down to the parking lot but felt good and kept going on the trail. The comparison between 26 and 29 inch wheels is incredible. Friday I rode the Orbea and there's a few spots where you slow down do a quick scan of the trail find the best spot and punch through, with the 29 inch wheels you get to the same spot and just go. Rode up everything but two short very steep hills and one of them I would have made it but hit a small sucker and it threw me off the bike. Felt very good after riding harder the day before. This time I didn't take my garmin and didn't care about how long it woud take me, just wanted to have fun and  I did. Ken and Ray left ahead of me, I had no desire to go pound my brains out trying to keep up with them on a SS. Ken even ran after hammering a full lap in 2:29.
On the schedule for today is a 3-5 hr road ride.


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