Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soreness is a good thing when nothing is good

One week since my crash and burn and am still finding spots I didn't know it hurt. I shook hands with a friend yesterday and it hurt. A friend told me I did a number on my shoulder and I responded it was more like the whole accounting department ran over it. I felt good yesterday so I had my arm out of the sling for long periods of time and I'm paying for it today. Plus I woke up last night when I felt the pain from streching my arms in my sleep, again, arm out of the sling. I'm going to have to wrap my arm again when I go to sleep, at least for the next week or so. planning on getting on the trainer for 1 hr tonight if the knee responds well to the spinning, it is still swollen and sore. Tomorrow I start going to the pool for deep end running.
Can you tell I'm going nuts not doing anything.
i wonder whar Zen and his freinds are doing now...

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