Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer, Mohican, Knob, Soccer

Got up early this morning to go set up the goals for the little ones, we call them SMURFS. Came home and was getting ready to go on a road ride, changed my mind and headed to Mohican to do a lap. I'm glad I did, I pulled the fastest lap I have ever done there. I've never been able to do a lap under 2:35, today I felt good from the beggining, even the first mile. I made it to the covered bridge in 1:09, stopped to pulled bottles from my camel back and after that short stop my legs froze. I had a hard time climbing the trail after the bridge but once the legs warmed up again I kept pushing the pace. The new tires I put on worked great, the sauserwind s-works with 25 psi rode extremely well. After I made it across the little bridge by the campground I looked at my Garmin and saw that I had a chance to break 2:30. I took off and rode the last mile like a maniac as fast as I could, back to the entrance and it was time trial time through the park road under the bridge back to the car 2:29:51, YES. on the way back stopped at the Knob to watch the start of the first race of the season and then back to the soccer fields to pick up the goals.
I'll have limited access next week for the show but I'll try to use one of our lap tops to post. Sorry, no pictures today, had no time to stop.

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