Friday, April 2, 2010

What a long day

On my day off got up at 5:30am went up to the gym, workout for about 45 minutes and then fixed a couple of spin bikes.

Then I went to Panera had breakfast and spent about an hr drinking coffee and reading the Plain Dealer, not a bad way to start the day. After I went home gathered all my things and headed to Mohican. The trail was dry and fast. On the scheduled for today was high intensity at almost race pace. As usual the first mile its always painful to me doesn't matter if is with the guys or by myself. Once I settle down I get into the flow. At about mile 6 I hit a small sucker the wrong way and went down hard. Hit both knees and forearms. Lots of leaves hiding stuff like that. Will it be the first and last, not really, the first one of many to come. Hopefully none of the next ones will take me out for a period of time.
After seeing this picture, I quickly got home and shaved my legs. It had been a couple of months since the last time.

Met up with Gary from Snakebite and rode together for a while.

Got to use the AWESOME straps for the first time and they are a great addition to my mtb gear.
Even the "Z" man likes them.
After Barbie dumped him he started drinking and we had to send him to a rehab center. He's doing quite well but now he got into my Hammer stuff and says it is the best stuff he's had in a long time. I could have told him that.
The rest of the ride was uneventful other than it was the really first HOT day and at times it felt like somebody was putting a blow torch to my face. Not complaining, I'm glad we are getting this type of weather so early in the season. I actually hit over 80 today, wohoooooo. More of the same tomorrow and I'm going back to Mohican with the single speed since I'm a sucker for pain. The day ended with a call from the Rec Ctr that they had a few more bikes they wanted me to take a look at, they are having a Spinning workshop tomorrow and wanted the bikes to be in good working order. It's only 9pm but I'm beat and I'm going to bed honey, I have a headache.


  1. that is a crowded front stem/handlebar! Did you get your Awesome Straps from back country research's website?

    It was leg-shaving day on Friday for me too!

  2. Got the awesome straps at Back Country Research.
    3 for 25 and free shipping not a bad deal. 2 narrow and a wide one.
    once you start riding you don't notice the cockpit.