Monday, June 29, 2009

Here and there

On my commute to work today a coyote jumped out of the bushes and ran in front of me for about 15 seconds before jumping back in. It was a big one, I struggled trying to pull the camera out but he was gone before I could even turn it on. Then half a mile down the path ( I was on the bike and hike path) a deer jumps out and scared the crap out of me. It was 6 am and every critter was starting to move, lots of birds and rabbits, beautiful day indeed.

Never made it to the Wayne Ultra race yesterday. Training just wasn't there, for the last two weeks I only rode to work 3 times plus the spinning classes. That just wasn't enough for a race as hard as that. My teammate Brett did it and said it was a hard race. All my training now is geard towards Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. which I already paid the $100 entry fee, I'm not missing this one.

Spent the weekend working on the picket fence I took it appart last year in September or October when the willow came down and broke a couple of sections. Had it all painted and fixed but never put it up. I almost quit before I started, I couldn't figure out the angles and measurements and was getting agravated at myself.
Sat down for a minute just looking at it and it was just like a revelation, finished that side and started on another 4 sections, scrape, paint and put together again since I take all the sections completely appart. Who knows how long this is going to last, I don't work fast or steady, I work in spurts.

Went out for a couple of rides with the other 3 horsemen, the Rain Ride in Indiana is coming, 160 miles in one day under a relentless sun.
As usual, always smiling
They are not smiling, they are masking the pain.

Riding behind Steve is like having a wall in fron t of you. I hardly pedaled.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend at Bernies, er Javis

Spent the weekend visting my son who works as a Physical Therapist in Columbus.
We stayed in Grove City and apparently the city is making all the new developments that are springing up every where put in bike paths. I rode for 40 minutes each day all over the place.
It was very nice. On one side of the road you have a subdivision and on the other you have farmland, or a golf course.
Saturday we went to German Village for lunch at Thurmonds. This place has been there since 1954 and it used to be the local watering hole. The place only sits about 30-50 people but it's always packed we waited for over 45 minutes. The hamburgers are huge. I have to go back.
There was a baseball tournament in town and it looked like all the teams stayed at our hotel.
Kids and adults walking and talking loud until late at night. That's ok I got up at 6am on Saturday and slammed the stairs door a few times pay back always comes.
Overall we spent a nice weekend with the kids.
Bill one of my sons roomates works as a correction officer and Saturday night decided to spray himself with mace to see how it felt. I'll leave it all to your imagination all I will say is that he jumped in the shower clothes and all. What were you thinking?

My wife, my daughter Jeny and my son's girlfriend, Sarah.

The family with the two of them as usual making faces, never grow up. I'm going to stop posting pictures of myself, darn I look beat up, and all I had was two Guiness beers, the only beer I drink once in a while.

Like I said, never grow up, stay the same.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

RAAM, race across America

The race across America is about to start and this year there's a two person team from Cleveland Hts competing. RAAM is a race were the fastest rider (s) across the country wins. Wich means very little rest. Some of the top solo riders ride for over 30-40 hours before stopping to take a nap. A good crew is imperative, without it you may not even want to start.
Anyway here's the link so you can follow their progress across this great nation.
Team Reaching Heights

Sunday in June

Sunday the "Ho" Tom and I went to Burton to ride the Sunday in June ride better known as the horse crap 100 because of the number of road mines that you have to slalom around. This is due to the large Amish community that lives in that area. I took a couple of pictures of the horse buggies but none of them because they don't like to be photograph and since I'm such a nice guy I didn't want to be rude.
We met up with Jim and his friend and started the ride on the yellow loop of aproximately 27 miles. We came back to the start finish refilled the bottles and went out on the orange loop. This loop was about 35 miles and a bit more hillier than the first one. The green loop was about 40 miles and it started out with some really rough roads because of the horses and the grooves on the road from the carriage wheels. After a few miles of that the rest of the roads were great.
In all the "HO" and I finished 100.8 miles in 5:29. We didn't ride hard but didn't have an easy ride either. Jim and his friend came in a little after us.
We changed ate some pasta and headed to Joe's house for some bbq chicken and sausage. But before that it was a dip in the pool and the hot tub. Overall we had a great day of riding the temp was in the 70's and the company was good.
Tomorrow I'm commuting to work and then headed to Columbus for the weekend to visit my son. Next week I'm hoping the weather cooperates and I can ride to work Monday-Wednesday and then Taper andtake it easy until Saturday when I head down to Marietta for the Wayne Ultra mtb race.

And you know were the mailman can put the bills.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Perfect vacation

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another week gone by

The week went well, managed to commute to work 3 times this week. Almost 13 hours on the bike and I still have Saturday to go. Didn't get any close calls this week. All week long it was supposed to thunder and showers almost everyday. I decided to ride anyway and packed my rain gear in my backpack Monday and Wednesday. Not a single drop fell on me. I wish all weeks were like this week. All 3 days my legs felt great in the morning and afternoon. Wednesday ride I forgot I had a spinning class at 6:30 and rode to work and as soon as I got there I realized it. I left an hour earlier and made it with plenty of time to get the music ready. That added another 45 minutes for the day. Tuesday did some more yard work and Thursday it was just a very light weights day. Tomorrow I have two spinning classes some more yard work and in the afternoon we are going to a graduation party were I know I'll stuff my face with food. I think most people gain weight in the summer instead of the cold months. Between the picnics, weddings, graduation parties and summer bbq's, that's a lot of food, but it's gooooooood. Last year I was watching my weight all the time and I don't know if it had someting to do with the anemia and the walking pneumonia I got; this time around am still watching I don't gain unnecessary weight but I'm not holding back. I eat what I want but in moderation. The more weight you gain the more weight you have to carry up the hills. Anyway I do feel stronger with a couple more pounds specially on my mountain bike. And no, is not extra padding.
Sunday the Tour of the Four Horsemen starts with the Sunday in June ride. Pictures to come.
We are doing the century ride and I already warned everybody that we cannot go inside the building after the first 65 miles, the smell of food will keep you in there.

Tools of the trade

Things I see during my rides. An American Eagle carving on a tree stump.
I'll take a better picture next time I ride by it.

Was on my last mile when right in front of me mother duck and ducklings in tow cross in front of me. Kind of dark, I couldn't get my camera out in time. I should have waited until they got back under the sun. I'm sure I'll see them again.

Foggy commute on Wednesday morning

Much better in the afternoon

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reagan Park

Opted to go to Reagan Park in Medina and ride my mtb instead of riding the road. Put in 2 1/2 good hours. Did one lap at almost full gas and an easy one. Summer hours start Monday at work and I'll be riding to work more often, at least 3 times a week. That'll give me between 12-16 hrs of riding in 3 days depending on what route I decide to take home in the afternoon.
I think I'll go back to Reagan for another couple of hours of easy riding. This is a great place, close to everything and the city wants you to come and ride. What a difference, can't say the same thing about the Cleveland Metroparks. Camba has been trying to get them to open some trails for riding and are treated very rudely by the administration. There's only about 3 miles of open trails for mtb's in Cleveland and that's because Camba built the trail themselves. These organization offers their services for free and the Metroparks do not take advantage of it.
In Medina the city doesn't spen the resources on the trail because it is taken care of by the people that ride it. Thanks to Larry, Dustin Clouse and many others for all the hours that they put in there keeping the trails in top shape.
Sorry for the camera movement on the video but is hard to ride with on hand and hold the camera with the other on the trail. I need to get a helmet cam, hmmmmm.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Week in review

After Mohican I took Sunday off to rest and do yard work ( it still sucks). Monday I wanted a good couple of hours recovery ride and went to do the Valley City loop with the "HO". On our way back we are riding single file and this *&^lady passes us so close that the hair in my arm felt the static from the car, one more inch and she would have hit me. I yell what the h... are you doing, why did you do that? She stops and starts me up and down. The "HO" said I called her a B... but I don't even remember. She threatens to call the cops and I told her I have a phone too and proceeded to call the cops. After a while waiting at a really bad place on the road I decided is time to move out of there and we ride further up and stop at a driveway while she drives past us turns around and flips me off, what am I to do, I just smiled and blew her a kiss.
Needless to say, the cops never showed up. I think they did called my phone but I was talking to my wife and didn't get the call.
Tuesday I went to the gym to do the weights and my spinning class. Wednesday I just hit the weights again. Thursday morning it ws weights and the last spinning class on Tue and Thur. for tha summer. In the evening the "HO" and I went for a ride down to the valley and we didn't ride too hard but we didn't ride slow either. Did a couple of good intervals going uphill on Snowville and another road that I can't remember the name right now. Today I came home changed and rode down to the rec for the 6pm spinning class. After the class I decided to ride down to the park and take the long way home via the park bike path to W130th. Nice easy ride, I even had time for pictures. Below I posted all the pictures I've been meaning to post for the last few weeks.
Tomorrow is a 3 hour ride on the road bike and maybe Reagan park Sunday afternoon

This is Darren in Australia starting the T-Ford.

The T on the road. Beautiful car. Right hand driving.

I'm always smiling.

Riding down the bikeway

Horse Shoe Pond

The wife and I went for a little hiking at Horse Shoe Pond in Peninsula.

Fixing Ken's chain at Mohican a week before the race. Yep, it was cold.

Getting ready to ride

Horse Shoe Pond