Friday, April 9, 2010

Nothing much

to talk about this week, other that it's been a very windy week. The weather is back to where it normally is this time of the year. Last night went out for 2 hrs and at times ot was 12mph on the small ring. But the payoff is always good, open the sails and cruise at an effortless 20-22 on the way back.
Have to get all my stuff ready for my trip and just found out I have to take a big pc of luggage to carry a couple of our products to the show, carp. Free carry ons are coming to an end, one airline is going to start charging, can you believe $45.00 for carry ons that doesn't fit under your seat. What's next, UPS your stuff to your vacation place? I'm going to try a train vacation sometime, let's go back to the old days.

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