Monday, April 5, 2010

Had a great 4 hr ride in beautiful weather yesterday. I was in such a groove that I missed my turn on Indian Hollow rd. and found myself 1 mile from Elyria. I kept telling myself "you missed the turn" but the road was so good and with a tail wind I just didn't want to stop. I love riding the roads around Valley City towards Wellington, very little traffic and people wave at you as you ride by their homes. After I figured out where I was I wound my way around and ended up by Valley City again. I thought aout commuting to work today but I'm glad I took today as a rest day It was raining hard on my way to work. This week it looks like showers in the mornings and partly sunny in the afternooon. Saturday, soccer starts which means setting up goals for the litttle ones in the morning Mohican in between and pick up in the afternoon. Trying to cram lots of riding in this week with my annual business trip coming up fast next week.
Have a great Monday.

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