Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I feel much better, the pain is not as intense as it was last week. I've only taken the pain pills at night before going to bed. Last night was the first time I tried going to bed without taking them and all I did all night was look for a comfortable position to sleep. Got up a lot of times to move the knee and just move around. Wanted to go to work today but I'll wait until I see the Ortho. later today and see what the prognosis  is. I'm hoping I don't need surgery and rehab will do. But whatever it is, it is. My knee is still swollen but I can walk without pain now. I want to get on the trainer real bad but I need to take it easy for a while. On the bright side I didn't sustain any head injuries and I guess I'll be able to work on a few summer projects I've been meaning to work (or finish) on for the last few years, like finish re-painting the picket fence.
More tonight after I see the Ortho.

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