Wednesday, June 30, 2010

worth watching, very funny

Friday, June 18, 2010

SS road bike stunt riding

Try this on your carbon bike

Neglect is a bad thing

Has it really been that long since my last post???????????? No, I wasn't facebooking, I do have an account but I gave it to my wife and I created a monster. Facebook is not for me.
The truth is, I really didn't feel like bloggin, don't you bloggers out there feel the same way from time to time.
You log into your blog just to read somebody elses blog.
I'm finally riding regularly, for a while I fell into a rut and didn't want to come out of it. I had a hard time talking myself into going out for a ride but once I was on the bike I didn't want the ride to end. Today I rode in to work for the first time since the crash and felt good but I absolutely have no climbing legs. Not that I had great climbing legs before but I did climb a lot better, scouts honor. Riding in to work a few times a week should fix that. In between all this I went to the Mohican race as the 'Director Sportiff/soigneur" supporting 4 of my teammates and that guy "Steve" and I have to admit even though it was the worst mud bath race I have ever been part of, it was fun. Making sure the guys had their liquids, epo, estrogen, viagra, roids and such was a lot of fun. At aid station 3 Jeff Pendleburry and I took charge of hosing and lubbing the bikes for what seemed like 3 hrs. After that I followed Kevein to station 4 since he was the only one doing the 100 miles. That's where all the fun really began, John Proppe got there and didn't look very good, I helped him the best I could and after about an hour or so he was ready to go again. Great job John, you da man I thought I was going to give you a ride back but you made it. At this station we had a bit of hail, heavy rain and tornado warnings. The lady volunteers started to panic and I felt like running too but I remained calm and told them that if we heard a train coming, we run to the smallest bldg in the place, the stinking crapper which was the only cement bldg in the vicinity. I don't know, I went there to pee and it was bad. It's one of those were you have to make a fast decision, do I watch the tornado toss me around or do I go in there and die with the fumes. I'm glad i didn't have to make that decision. Anyways, Kevin made it, felt good and kept on going right through station 3 again and then 5 and only 6 more miles to go and he was in the house. Great job Kevin and with a borrowed 30lb bike. I'm "kind" off "glad" I dislocated my shoulder since Cohuttta was just as bad.
My new Specialized 29er is still not in, I'm hoping I get it next week since I'm taking a few days off and going camping to the Allegripis trails at Raystown lake PA. to ride off road for the first time since the crash. From all the info I've read on these trails they are like a pump track and not very technical or rough which is what I want to ride.
Well,  enough of this, I'll try to post a whole bunch of pictures I've taken with the intention of posting them tonight.