Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is there something called Single Speed Insanity?

If there is, I'm suffering from it. About 4 years ago I bought an aluminum frame on E-bay for $75.00 with the purpose of turning it into my winter bike using some of the parts I've collected over the years. Guess what, I turned it into a single speed road bike. I've found a different feeling for riding a SS whether a SS mtb or SS road bike. To me it just feels like a liberating feeling, from what, I just don't know. It sounds corny but it's just such a simple way of riding. I can't get enough. Is it a fetish? More later.

Some 105 components I had, Araya rims with 105 hubs and a nice carbon fork Dan at Solon Bicycle had at the store and a Single Speed was born.

Took her out for the maiden voyage this afternoon. The set up I have right now is a 42-18 and I nearly spun my brains out, I can feel some ratling up there. I caught up to another rider at the light on w 130th and the park and rode together to the covered bridge. I must have been spinning at 120 rpm's or more. He couldn't believe I was keeping up with him even though he was going 22mph. I need a smaller cog in the back, probably a 15 or 14. All I have left from the kit I bought is a 16 and I'm trying that one some time this week.
Actually is a two speed, if you look closely at the crankset picture you'll see a 39 ring there too. The chain ring bolts are too long and I had to install the 39 to be able to install the 42. I'm only able to use the 42 because I'm using a SS chain and it's too wide to move it down to the 39. That's ok I have no plans on using the 39 unless I move to Colorado or North Carolina. I think that set up will do around here. I just want it to do a lot of spinning workouts during the off season.
Remember earlier I asked if it was a fetish I have with Single Speeds, the name of the small company that made them, "Fetish Cycles". I don't even know if they are still around.
Long live single speeders.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Colors

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zen like

No blogging lately, getting lazy don't want to waste my time in front of the computer.
I rather go to my zen garden, rake it and move the rocks around. I've been spending a lot of time there, it has such calming effect. I just wish it was bigger...
My back hurts from moving the rocks.

Much Bigger

When I really want to have a zen like feeling at work, I just tell one of the guys they need to lose weight. Really, sometimes I just call them pipones (big belly in spanish) that just makes me feel good that I'm trying to help somebody lose weight. I'm all about helping everybody here and the best way is just calling it like it is, lose some weight budy, you are getting fat, my arms are not long enough to give you a hug man, I'm going camping, can I borrow your shirt I don't have a tent. By the way give me your t-shirt too, I need a sleeping bag.
I tell you, it is such a satisfying feeling to help somebody lose weight and get in shape, it's ZEN like.

Friday, October 9, 2009

And I thought Single Speeders where insane

I used to think Single Speed riders where insane, now I'm part of that insane society.
I don't think I'll ever want to be part of this insane society.
Longest distance on a unicycle in 24 hours
Sam Wakeling covered 453.6 kilometers (281.85 miles) on a unicycle in a 24-hour period at Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom, from Sept. 29-30, 2007.
Do you think he used the aero bars much?

Who are the insane ones, single speeders or ultra distance unicyclists?
You decide.

Matt here at work says that Maryjane was the gateway drug to other drugs.
What if Single speed riding is the gateway to unicycling, worse yet, recumbent riding?
We better be careful, very careful.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A simpler way of riding

With all the rage on riding single speed bikes we forget ( at least some of us) that we grew up riding SS bikes. I grew up riding to the beach almost everyday during the summers and having a lot of fun. Back then we looked at distances with a lot more respect that we do today. Riding 10 miles back then (60's, 70's) felt like riding 50+ miles today, at least that's what I remember. But it was fun riding around town in and out of traffic, jumping curbs and creating havoc around the neiborhood and having people yell at you for being young and stupid. Yes, it was a much simpler way of riding your bike without thinking about training, what wheels should I use today, what jersey, what shorts, lycra or baggies. I want and old bike like the one I had back then. Randy sent me a picture of the same bike, same paint job I had back then. Woudn't you want to be young and riding this again.