Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd admits to doping

In the latest news from Floyd Landis he admits to doping since 2002 because he wanted to win. In the process he accuses Lance, George, Levi and Zabriske of doping also. One question I have been asking myself since Lance has been accused of doping is: what do these riders doctors know that the other riders doctors that get caught don't know. I mean, Lance gets tested on a regular basis so do the others, even when not racing, "out of competition tests" and nothing shows in the tests. For all  of you skeptics out there, think about it, what are they using that the other "top" riders don't know about that's undetectable.
It seems even people not even in sports are doping these days. Musicians for Pete's sake, are doping so they don't lose their "focus" during a concert. Just think about how much fun would have been for "Guns & Roses" to come to a concert and play classical music because they didn't dope and lost concentration on what type of music they were supossed to play. Sylvester Stalllone goes to anti-aging clinics and says he feels energized.
You know what, I hope Floyd gets sued by all the people that contributed money to his "I didn't dope crussade" defense fund.
Here's the article.

Got to go, I'm late for my anti-aging clinic appointment.

Natinal Bike to Work Day

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie teaser

This is from a new movie that's coming out soon, check it out.

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The face of happiness

Yeah, that's the face of happiness. first time out on the road since I crashed. I finally had it and took to my favorite riding area around Valley City for nice smooth roads and for the most part, friendly drivers. The shoulder felt sore after the 2hr ride but strong. I was able to try different hand grips on the handlebar without too much bother. I'm going to ride every other day for the next week, I don't want to overdo it until I see the Ortho again on Friday.
On another subject my best Friend Ken his wife Karen, Family and friends flew to the old world for a Mediterranean cruise and sight seeing for 7-10 days. Karen got sick the first day on the cruise and had to be hospitalized went they got back to port in Barcelona, Spain. Not knowing the language was very hard according to Ken. The doctors and nurses spoke very little or broken english. Ken was ready to pay "mucho dinero" for a bowl of oatmeal or cereal but no dice. Every country is very different in terms of what and when they eat. In Spain they eat breads cold cuts and cheeses for breakfast. In France is impolite to ask for a separate entry like vegetables on the side. Most of us would consider the service slow but that's how it is. Here we go to a restaurant, order, eat, pay and out we go. And if we don't get the bill right after dessert we get anoyed. In the old world food is meant to be enjoyed with family or friends. The bill doesn't come until you ask for it, it is considered impolite to give you the bill if you don't ask for it. We could learn something about dining from the old world. Next time we go out for dinner, lets enjoy it. Etiquete lesson over.
Going back to Ken's ordeal, They couldn't figure out what Karen had and the best guess is food poisoning the first day of the cruise. One thing they do with tourists when they visit a hospital there, they take away your passports to make sure you pay the bill. If you want to know where all the old 2 stroke motor bikes go to die, ask Ken, he saw thousands of them including a 70's Bultaco. Crotch rockets doing a wheelie at a 100 miles on the main avenue. Can't wait until I sit down with Ken and talk about the trip.
Besides riding yesterday I got a lot of yard work done and I could feel it today when I got up, was I sore. I completely forgot to strech and my legs were stiff as a board.
Hope all of you that raced the Chipewa race today had fun and nobody got hurt.
More yard work today, it never ends.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prickly City

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Prickly City

Monday, May 10, 2010

This morning Wiley Coyote

I stopped this morning to take a picture of the sun through the fog and to my surprise 2 coyotes were hunting on the field. I spent about 20 minutes watching them pounce on whatever they were hunting. Here's a few pictures and a video.

What I've been doing lately

Scrapping, washing, priming and painting the picket fence. Not what I want to be doing, but since i'm not riding I may as well do something around the house.

On my way to work this morning I watched 2 coyotes hunt for small prey down in the valley by the train station. Look for pictures and a short video tonight.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Fom feeling frustrated during the weekend to feeling optimistic. I've been so frustrated not being able to do much, today I got home and cut the grass. One handed but nevertheless I did, then took another section of the picket fence down to scrape it, prime it  and paint it during the week. Still not satisfied I went downstairs and rode the trainer for 30 minutes. I can't wait until tomorrow morning and see what hurts.
Nutrition fact for the day:
alcohol is not fattening, is lean on a car, you lean on a friend, you lean on the bike...
This is not an endorsement to drink alcohol, Its a fact.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The scene of the crash

I was going to call it the scene of the accident but it just doesn't sound as good as "crash". Hit the trail head at 6:45am and there was a couple riders already on the trail including the rider that helped me up and that gave me a chance to thank him for taking care of me after I fell. Next time we see each other I need to ask you your name. Chuck was already there burning laps on his 29er SS.
I felt a lot of frustration walking the trail not being able to ride it, its in great shape. On my way to the scene I was going through the snake turns and it doesn't mater how dry it is that part of the trail is always slick specially with the morning dew and guess what, I fell. My legs went from under me walking down a short steep bump and what's the first thing that goes out, my left arm. Pain shot through my arm and shoulder as I sat there for a few minutes holding my arm afraid to move it. Once I collected myself I moved my arm and everything seem to be ok. Good test for the shoulder, it showed me that it is strong just like the Ortho said. Got up cleaned up myself and made it to the scene, took a few pictures and as usual a bunch of them came out blurry (new camera today).

My theory was wrong, I thought I clipped a small tree with my handlebar and that threw me off to the left. No, as he would explain (the rider that helped me) I didn't lift my wheels high enough, my front wheel hit the tree and skided off it lost control when I landed and flew into the first tree on the left.

The posse went with me to the scene and quickly wanted to chop the tree and remove it from the trail.
After a few attemps I told them to forget it because it is not up to us to do that. The stupid thing is not even that wide or high. It just shows you that even when you are just cruising you need to pay attention to what you are doing. When we race or ride hard we are always focused on the trail, I didn't take the jump serious enough and I paid for it.

They really wanted to get it out of the way  and I had to drag them away from the place. They care about my well being. I wonder...maybe I should check my bottle of percoset they seemed to be a little to happy.

Remember to stay focused on the trail.
I'm a man of adventure, "stay thirsty my friends" drink Heed.