Thursday, April 22, 2010


Went to see the surgeon this morning and have to go back on Monday and see how the shoulder is doing after they had to put me back under the influence because last night they didn't pop it back in correctly.

Notice the hole just above where my finger is pointing. That's the joint out of the socket.

My right knee didn't fare very well either, notice how swollen it is when compared to the left. Yeah, I'm pointing to the left knee, that morphine works real gooooood.

I was a mess, but the nurses kept admiring my muscles.

I was hungry ok. Had not had anything solid to eat since lunch time and it was almost 1 AM when we got home. I threw leftover ribs in the microwave and ate all of them.
I'm going to start shaving my arms too, they ripped the hair off them putting needles and tape to hold them.
Right now I'm going to say I'm out of Mohican, I really don't know if I'll be able to handle the pounding for 100k's. Well I guess it's time to look forward to ORAMM
again in july if I don't have surgery.
For those of you going to Cohutta, Ross my team mate from Solon Bicycles and John from Lake Effect Bike Authority, go get them and give it your best effort.
Thanks for the get well wishes. I'll keep you posted.

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