Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting the commute

With the mild/warm weather with been having I should have been riding to work since mid February.
2 broken ribs put a hold on that. Rode in to work twice this week and my ribs are feeling good. Sore after the ride from pulling on the handlebars when climbing, but not sore enough to make me stop. Had a few chances before this week to ride in to work but it rained overnight and I didn't think wet roads and broken ribs mixed well if I happen to slip and fall. My commute to work is 31 miles and hilly so I saw no reason to risk a fall. Traffic so far has been good and light since I'm on the road before 5:30 am.
Got a new battery for my helmet light since the old one was recalled and what do you know, it stays on for all the 2 hrs of my commute. Before it was completely out in 1 hr.
Cught up to another rider on a single speed riding in to work as a teacher in the Brecsville school system. Likes to do ultra-endurance rides and has done a 40 mile race in Aaska called the Fireweed400  I should put it in my bucket list but I don't think I'll make it there anytime soon.
Anyways, hopefully it'll stay dry next week so I can ride in a to work a couple more times before my first race in Michigan on the 30th. The Lowell 50 gravel road race. Switching to 1.90 tires this weekend. Riding my mtb since I don't own a cross bike...hmm, maybe I should get one, I like racing gravel roads.
Hopefully no rain tonight until I get home. The wife already told me we are having pizza tonight, can't wait!!
Have a great Friday

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is that time of the year

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Is this a bunch of sweetness or what

How ironic, the title for one of the articles in the Plain Dealer today.
In bitter dispute, sugar industry sues corn syrup rivals. read the article below

Little bit of this, Little bit of that

Asheville came and went and it was great. The ribs didn't bother me much, but I did get sore wit the vibration and bouncing up and down the trails. I rode mostly by myself because I didn't want to push it, chase the guys and hurt myself and really screw the season up.

Sweeping turn where you get horizontal.

I thought this was a neat pc of bike art.

ST. Patrick day is my wifes birthday and a nice glass of green beer tasted very good.
Finally, my good friend in Australia, Darren, raised $500 for MS.(my wife has MS) They have a bike ride like we do here in the states. Thanks a million.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Real sweat versus artificial sweat

Today is the 3 week anniversary of my "crash heard around the basement" accident, crash, stupidity call it what you want, it hurts the same.
Since then I've rode the trainer 15 out of 19 days. Yes, I said I was riding Sunday but I didn't, too chicken to go out on fresh snow, the type of snow that you slip and slide all over the place. On my way back from Church, two cars were "parked" very nicely on a ditch not to far from each other so I told myself "looks like indoors today".
Last night with the temps in the low 50's and sunny to start it was time to go outside. It felt good to do some real sweating versus indoor trainer sweating. It felt good to be outside. 19 days in a row inside is not good for your health. Even as bad as last years winter was I rode outside on an average of once every week.
Anyways, the ribs felt good although the soreness is still there telling you it still hurts.
Heading down to Asheville tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is not about the bike

No, this post is not about the bike, is about birds, pictures of birds from PR.
Again, courtesy of Jim Rivera, Gloria Archilla and Kenny Enriquez. Their pictures are great and I enjoy loking at them over and over again.
Thank You.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Iceman, No Lumberjack

Trying to sign up for the Iceman at work my computer locked up, frozed, melted and did everything possible not to let me sign up. No problem, it wasn't meant to be I guess. lots of time and money saved there.
My next move was to sign up for the Lumberjack today and I completely forgot. I had better things to do helping a friend in need than to sit in front of the computer waiting for the time to sign up. I probably would have missed out too anyways, it sold out in 15 minutes.
I am signed up for the Lowell gravel road race March 31st. and I'll be doing a couple of road races before TSE but I'm looking for a couple more races that will not ruin my racing budget anymore than it already is with TSE coming. Hopefully the Muskigum Mayhem will be held this year, if not it'll be TOSRV or Stoney Creek 6hr race.
After TSE I don't know what I'll do but I'll like to do at least a couple more long races.
Hopefully I'll be fully healed by TSE.
Asheville is coming, Asheville is coming.

Friday, March 2, 2012

SORE / bonus pics to make you want to be there

I'm sore and I'm told it gets worse before it gets better. My left side looks like a bone or an "alien" is going to pop out any minute. I've missed only 3 days of "trainer"rides since the "accident" on the 15th and have even done most of my interval sessions. Once I warm-up the chest feels good and the pain from holding or leaning on the handlebar gets better. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be going out for the first time and hopefully feel good enough to start riding outside 3-4 time a week depending on the weather which has been great this winter. Asheville weekened is next week and I'll be staying on the gravel roads and just working on long climbs. I don't want to take a chance on the trails go down and hurt myself more now that I'm starting to feel better.

Leave you with a few pics from my hometown courtesy of Jim Rivera.