Thursday, April 22, 2010

NO Cohutta

Since I lost a week of training last week I've been to Reagan park twice this week. Last night went to do two easy laps and on the huffman section I lost control after going over a log that I have jumped a 100 times before and the result is, surgery. hit a tree square on with my left shoulder, bad tendons, bad ligaments screwed up rotator cuff. I see the surgeon today to detrmine how bad everything really is. My right knee is also banged up bad.
Thankfully, nothing happpened to the bike. Yes, this the way most of us think and react after a fall or crash. You would have been proud of my first aid skills, I wrapped a spare tube around my shoulder/arm walked out of the woods  and drove myself to Kaiser where my lovely caring wife met me and stayed with me all night. I'm all drugged up and liking it for the time being. Morphine is good for you, so is percoset. Having a hard time typing with one hand and wiping the keyboard at the same time, I'm so drugged up am drooling all over the place. I see pink elephants dancing with the stars and singing at american idol.
Pictures and more later after I see the surgeon later this morning.


  1. get better quick, at least this wasn't the big big race (mohican)

  2. That's terrible to hear, Juan.

    Get well soon. I'll ride Cohutta with a vengeance for you this weekend.