Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good day and evening

Rode in to work yesterday morning in great riding weather, 65-68 degrees. It was a very quiet morning, hardly any cars on the road, just how I like it. My wife picked me up and we spent the evening at her cousins house in Beachwood. My nephew is a customs officer and recently was transferred from Montreal to Houston and this was one of his stops on his drive down to Texas. Had not seen him in about 5 years and we spent a great evening together with family. Hope to see them again soon.
No riding in to work today, went to bed too late and had too much food, I'm still feeling the effects, I feel stuffed.
I didn't even bring myself to  fix my lunch this morning, couldn't even look at food just the usual fix, a great big mug of puertorican coffee, good enough to wake-up the dead. Took some pics but have to wait until the wife e-mails them to me.

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