Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon ride

Spent part of the day with a bag of ice on my face and the swelling went down a bit. My cheek is still puffy but looking better. I got all kids of comments today,
"get rid of the bike, is going to kill you" "one of these days we are going to the hospital to visit you" "and it doesn't even has an engine on". Well, it happens, is not the worse crash I've had, it just doesn't look to good.
The ride home was a good one, 3 hill intervals and 2 flat intervals as hard as I could ride on the bike and hike which I only passed one more rider going the opposite way. My last interval was climbing out of the valley towards 21 on the big ring all standing after the false flat between the steeper sections. I knew I used all my quarters when I was limping my way up 130th to Drake. Even with my face plant, a good riding day.
It's way pass my bed time but I can't sleep, have a big decision to "sleep" on.
Back to bed it is, just took a couple sleeping pills, hope I can get up for my spin class tomorrow. Good night.

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