Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning drive wildlife

The wild turkey population in northeast Ohio has really exploded in the last few years. I had to brake and wait for this family to cross the road at a snail pace. I drive the park roads morning and afternoon to and from work everyday and I get to see all kind of animals. Not that I've never seen wild animals and birds, but lately is more frequent.
Driving through the park gives me time to relax specially in the afternoon on my way home if I didn't commute on the bike. That's unless you have a jackass on your tail using the park roads as a short cut, looking down at the speedometer and then his watch, I just love driving slow through the park. I love making the soccer moms slow down. Speaking about soccer moms, I haven't seen anymore soccer practices at tthe fields by the train station and I like it. I've had a few close calls there because they are in such a hurry to drop off their kids they don't watch where they are driving. Most of the time I just ride the path up the hill and I've seen them driving half way in the path and fidling with their phones. Hopefully, no more soccer practices down there.
And that's my rant this morning, I'm not relaxed anymore. I need to breath deep and count to a hundred.

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