Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yaking and MTB

Got up this morning at 5:30, had breakfast loaded the car and headed to Findley for some yaking and a couple of laps on the mtb. Looked at the weather channel and it looked like it had rained overnight there but when I got there everything was nice and dry. Put in around 7:15 for about an hr under cloudy skies and a few drops here and there but it really never rained.

Finished yaking and put in 2 laps on the single speed, no, my geared 29er is not in yet. Ordered it in April and I'm still waiting. Anyways, the trail was in excellet shape with a few muddy spots easily avoidable. Put in a 49:40 lap not even trying to go fast. I'm pretty sure I can do a sub 48 close to 47 without falling, dropping the chain or burping the tires. Did a 50:13 at the TT with all those mishaps. Not complaining, it is what it is, I'm just happy I can ride my mtb.
Be happy, ride your bike.

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