Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painful ride in to work

With the riding we did over the weekend in PA I took Monday off and swam on Monday. Last night got all my stuff ready to ride in to work and went to bed to get a good night sleep since I have to get up at 4am out by 5am to make to work around 7am depending how I feel. Well, rolled out of the garage with my backpack on one shoulder to put the PD in it since the paper guy is up earlier that me, it rolled off my shoulder and into my front wheel and I hit the driveway with my face and shin, scrapped my knuckles and mostly my pride got hurt. How dumb can I be to do that (you don't need to agree). I went back inside and it didn't loook that bad, snatched a paper towel to dry the blood off on my way to work and rode into the sunrise. Get to work, looked at it and it's not looking good. As usual I'm going to get the "look" and the questions "what did you hit now" and what's wrong with you" plus comments "that bike is going to kill you" "put training wheels on the thing". I only fell once all weekend riding off road and it was a minor stupid fall, I ride the road bike hit the deck harder and have the scars to show

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