Monday, August 16, 2010

BVR trail day

We had a good day of bridge building at camp Manatoc Sunday morning. We all showed up at 6:30am ready to work. Brett rode in from home and the rest of us smart ones drove. Two bridges, some trail benching, leaf blowing, rerouting a trail and we were ready to ride and try them out. It rained hard on Saturday but the trail is so dry that only a few spots were muddy, although there was a lot of wet rocks and roots for your pleasure. Most verybody rode 2-3 laps I only did one, I was beat from the day before. The trail is in great shape and hopefully it'll stay dry for the race. If you've never been there and don't want to race, show up on Saturday and ride all day and demo bikes from different manufactures. There's also a cyclocross race and half marathon on Saturday. Bring your own food or ride, drive to Peninsula for lunch, NO alcoholic beverages it is a Boys Scouts camp and we want to keep using it, please respect the rules.
Click here for more info.
Sorry no pictures from the trail day, they all came out blurry, the camera has finally carpped.
Time to get a new one.

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