Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it really lost?

Brett and his lost summer got me thinking that I've lost seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks this summer. Since the crash I really haven't had the desire or motivation to train or ride any of my bikes for long periods of time. It's like that crash sucked all the plans and motivation I had for this summer. Up until that moment the training was right on. Seems like I put a week or two of good riding (not training) and then fall back into a rut. I get home from work and start doing other things and then I tell myself "it's to late to go out now" And when I do go out I ride for 3-4 hrs and then don't ride again for 3-4 days. Last week I rode 5 times and this week only 2. Motivation is what I need, where do I buy it? Can you imagine if we could buy motivation and drink it like a pill. Well, it would all be artificial. I've been looking for it everywhere but we all know where to find it, it is within, we just have to dig a little harder sometimes. I found mine today while on my ride. I felt great today for not riding much, averaged 19.4 miles for 60 miles with a very deceiving head wind. Granted is was mostly flat with a lot of rollers but I felt good and the legs  responded when I asked for a little more power. That got me thinking...what if I rode and train the way I know for the next few weeks, how will I feel at the end...I'm doing it.
What the #$$%^&was all that about.

Changing the subject, the wedding went good. It rained or mist during the reception but everybody  made the best of it and they danced with umbrellas (outdoor wedding) and had a lot of fun. I had one too many spiked lemonade and I could feel it the next day.

I was looking for "Wonder" and I had only one when this picture was taken.

Dancing in the rain, it really was a lot of fun that day.

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