Saturday, August 14, 2010

MS ride2

Rolled out of the house at 6am with a bagle in one hand riding to Polaris by Southwest hospital. Made it there with plenty of time, found the guys

and waited at the corner to join them for the ride. We rode conservately for the first 11 miles and picked it up as soon as we hit the century loop. As usual other riders hitched a ride with the 4 of us. Guess what, I didn't even had to tell anybody they had to do their share or get off the line. I get a little testy when people don't do their share of the work. We hit West river rd and on one of the rollers one of the hitchhikers slowed down too fast and the guy behind him overlapped and went down. Behind him Steve was able to avoid the down rider but in the process rode himself into the ditch. He was in the process of flipping over the handlebars but "fortunately" a tree stopped him when he hit it with his face. I didn't have the heart to take a picture of his bloody nose and lip or the tree with the bark off. It was a Tour d France moment. I did tell the guy that made everything happen what he did and he understood what he did wrong. Right after that we come to a stop and Joe goes down, didn't unclip, dummy. What am I saying, I've done that many times. Anyway, we rode a few slow miles to shake the crashes off and after the extra 25 mile loop rest stop we picked up for good and dropped everybody. It's a great feeling to ride at a steady 22-25 mph for miles and miles. We did have a stiff littel wind bugging the heck out of us when we turned northwest on some of the roads. We get to the lunch stop in Oberlin and am so glad somebody else was rushing everybody to keep going, normally it's me rushing everybody to get their sandwishes and eat them on the road. I can't sit for long on long rides, my legs get stiff and it takes me a while to get going, I rather ride slow that stop to many times. We parted company and within a mile of the lunch stop my shifting cable snapped. I thought about riding back and having one of the sposoring bike shops fix it but nooooo I had to keep going. I rode 17 miles on my 39-12 and lucky me the wind had shifted and all the head wind we had going in was now a head wind again, save for a few miles.
Took the back roads to Valley City and after 83 miles called the rescue squad to come pick me up. All in a days work. What a week, I love it, I'm alive, riding and having fun.
Twisted kind of fun, but fun nevertheless.
Hope you all put in a good ride sometime this weekend.
Tomorrow is trail maintenance day for the Big Valley Race on September 4th-5th. Come ride, race, run whatever your pleasure is, kids races too. Bring the little ones, there's a race for many age groups.
It was a long lonely road on the way back.

Saw the Valley City sign and was happy.

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