Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enjoy the ride

I get my  addictive oil fuel at Costco in the early morning on my way to work and most of the time the same attendant is there. Most of the time I have my bike or kayak on the car and he always comes around and we chat for a few minutes. This morning he came by as usual and told me he had bought a bike at  Walmart and was riding it in the park. He told me he went all the way to the boat docks in Rocky River. He had not been on a bike since the late 70's and was enjoying himself, felt like a litle kid having fun again. Isn't that what riding a bike is all about, having fun enjoying the ride. Too many times we get caught up in the training and don't enjoy the ride. So many times in one way or another we are reminded that riding a bike is not just about training hard, racing and back to the same that we burn ourselves to the ground but keep doing it. Do your training, do your races but take time to enjoy the ride and look at what's around you, Nothing wrong with training hard and racing harder, take time to enjoy the ride. I really don't get tired of saying it because it is exactly what I'm doing, I'm going to enjoy the ride for the rest of my life.
Enjoy life, enjoy your ride be happy for goodness sake. Take it from a more than once burned out rider, I learned my lesson, have you learned yours?
Enjoy your bike today.

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