Sunday, August 8, 2010

Raystown take 3

3rd time in about 2 months that I made it to the Allegripis trails in Pa. Ray and I drove Friday and rode for 1.5 hrs, Ken and Randy drove down on Saturday. We met them at the Walmart outside of town and drove to the trail head and put in 2.5 hrs. Today we got up early and were at the trail head before 7:30. We rode for 1.5 hrs came back to the cars and I was shot. I have no geared 29er bike yet and will not have it until mid December. Can you believe that they ran out of them? And I ordered in mid April. We went to the bike store in town to buy a 22 tooth cog, first they looked at me like I was crazy and then they laughed. We ride with an 18 or 19 there, what do you need a 22 for they said. Well, punk you don't have 55 year old knees and I can feel them today. There's a lot of climbing that you don't even notice. By the end of todays ride I was running on fumes and only had penies left, I spent all the quarters, dimes and nickels I had. I rode harder than the first two times I was there chasing the guys all over that place. If you have the wrong cog there comes a time when you start fading back on the climbs because you are grinding your way up and the darn gear guys are spinning their way up. Ray rode his 29er SS but he had a 22 cog and he could ride some of the stuff sitting down while I had to stand up. Tell you what, that place is single speed heaven and I love my 29er SS. I could go there once a week if I could. We stayed an this hotel which looked like it was out of the 1950's, but it was clean and the people were friendly, what else do you need?

We went to dinner and on our way back to the hotel stopped at Pizza Hut and ordered a large pizza. we were still hungry.

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