Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warmer in the afternoon

The ride home was great, temps in the low 50's and sunny. Total for the day 65 miles 4hrs 1 minute. Did get yell at by a dog walker on the bike & hike. No leash, the dog is all over the place so I politely ( and I was) asked him to get the dog and when I rode past him I told him he's suposed to be on a leash. He though he'll be funny and in sarcastic way said "thank you". I told him anytime he needed advise I'm there for him and he let out a few, I just kept going and didn't say anything else. My job there was done, which is P O people on the path, and I enjoy it too. I also saw to many dead racoons and other small creatures by the side of the roads. It's a shame, I hate seeing dead animals.

Another year, another picture of a happy cyclist face. This picture turned out better than I thought.

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