Monday, March 22, 2010

New saddle

After I chest planted at Findley State park last fall my saddle came of the railings and was all twisted off I put a road saddle on the Orbea for a while. It did the job for the fall and winter bike path season but it was time to get an mtb saddle. I bought the fizik Gobi which has some wing flex. This weekend in Asheville will be the first time on it. Should be no problem, it's the same design I had before. It does look good on the bike. Speaking of which, I spent the evening installing new tires on my spare wheel set, a Specialized captain control 2.0 for the front and a Maxis Ignitor 2.35 for the back. I want the bigger volume tire on the back. This is just a trial run to see how they work. When changing tires make sure your air compresor is only at 60psi. Yours truly forgot to turn the knob down from 100psi and the tire completely popped of of the rim. My left thumb is still throbing and "what, did you say something I see your lips move but I can't hear anything". My wife came running downstairs and I'm like, ahhhhhhhhhh what happened. I felt pretty stupid, probably looked like it too standing there holding a rim and no tire on it. Needless to say I made sure the knob was turned down when I went to use it again. I had to use the Maxis since the other tire I was going to install frayed on the sidewall. It's probably good with a tube.
I'm going to bed and hope my hearing comes back tomorrow morning, I hope I can hear the alarm go off at 4:06am. Sleeping in "sounds" good too.

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