Friday, March 19, 2010


nice day to ride in to work. Today was a scheduled day off in the coach plan but With cold wet weather coming back next week, it's better to take advantage of the day. 2-3 more hours tomorrow and I'll have almost 20 hrs for the week.
When i hit the bike & hike I saw another light on the trail and I thought it was a rider I ride with once in a while and I kind of waited for him. It was somebody else riding an mtb and he was spinning no more than 60-70 rpm's, I thought I heard him grunting when he tried to say good morning, spit came flying out when he did say good morning. The temps were perfect with just a few cold pockets in the park.
Sunday I'm going to the Knob for a work day on the trails and probably do nothing else the rest of the day. Next weekend is Asheville and I can't wait to hit the dirt and get some good off road riding in. Pics tonight when I get home.
I wonder what Zen is doing now.

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