Friday, March 19, 2010

Never Ever

eat Mexican food at lunch and have two cups of coffee an hour before you are riding back home, plus a Hammer chocolate gel. To top it all off, the wind was blowing in your face the entire ride, you are not feeling well, you know the ride is going to hurt, you can't stop thinking all afternoon how much is going to hurt and what kind of lame excuse you are going to come up with if somebody comes from behind and passes you like you are standing still. You hope you don't run into anybody you know on the way back. What excuse are you going to give them for riding so slow. Oh, but I had a plan. I never take my (12lbs) backpack with me on my ride back home, well I packed it real good with everything I had wore in the morning and...I left the light mounted on my helmet, yeah, that'll show them that I'm just commuting and have an excuse for riding slow. But getting back to lunch, I had Huevos con Chorizo for lunch and normally I feel good. Not this time, my stomach just wouldn't shut up, had to get up and walk more than I ever do and pay a visit to all my good buddies in the plant. Visited the can twice before I left and that's not all, I visited 3 port-a-potties in the metroparks on my way home. It got to the point I was just laughing at myself. I'm really thankful to the metroparks for the potties, this time of the year you can't run in the woods because there's nothing to hide behind. It was the most miserable 35 miles I've rode in a long time in pain and suffering. I almost made the call of shame but I'm to stubborn to do that. I'm glad I didn't because the last 4 miles my body somehow finally adjusted and I rode home pain free. It may have been that my last pottie stop was just 7 miles from home. I feel much better now, thank you.

The bike and hike seems like such a long path when you are not feeling well and the wind is blowing in your face.

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