Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last few

days have been nice, sunny and warm for this time of the year. It makes for good riding weather. Saturday I was at the rec. ctr for almost 5 hrs. 2 spinning classes plus an intro class for new spinners and 1 hr worth of weights and core work after spinning. Then went home and vegetated the rest of the day and it felt good. Sunday the bunch was riding early but I decided to ride late because it was going to be warmer in the afternoon. Probably should have gone with them in the morning but it was waht it was. I took off from home since the sidewalks on the main road were clean of snow and rode down to the park. When is sunny it doesn't matter how cold it is people just flock to the park to walk run and ride. The traffic was heavy on the park roads and since I was riding the mtb I hit the path. Runner want a be ahead, head phones too loud, can't hear me yelling passing, running on the middle of the path leads to...almost a fight. Since he couldn't hear me, I waited until I was right on top of him and yelled really loud, he jumped and f me as I passed him. I slammed on the brakes and waited for him, he stops and raises his hands like he wants to fight me, I remained very calmed and told him to run on his side and asked him what was he going to do about his raised hands. Stupid is as stupid does proceeds to tell me I should be riding on the road, I calmly told him "for what, so that a moron like you can yell at me too" he just didn't know what to say, I left it there and toook off glad I was a very "nice" to him.
1 mile down the road was when I started to fill with rage and almost turned around but just llaughed it off and kept going. Rode to the golf course and turned around to encounter a group of "senior ciitizens" on a walking trip. So I start yelling passing from a mile back and nobody in the back can hear me, great here we go again. I start passing and they start yellling at me that I should say passing, I yell back that I did, turn the volume up in your hearing aid. Hands are flying, canes are up in the air, I sense the "Cane" mutiny coming when the ladies at the front leading the walk tell the boys in the back that they heard me say passing. Thank you ladies, I slowed down and thanked the ladies talked a bit about riding with some of them and kept going.
The rest of the trip was uneventful and put in almost 3 hrs of adventure pack riding. There's never a dull moment whhen you decide to ride the path. The rest of the week has been good for training. Monday I rode the SS and I was planning about 3 hrs. but when the sun goes down the temps just plummet and I didn't take my jacket and had to turn around but still ended up with 1:52. Today I brought the bike to work and planning at least a couple hours down in the valley with a few hills thown in for good measure.
Later, go out and ride. This might be the last good day for a while, rain is coming.

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