Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good trail day at the knob

Good work day today at the Knob, a good crowd showed up and a lot of work got done. Cut in a new trail that's going to be a lot of fun for the racers. The guys at 331 Promotions are doing a great job there, support them going to the races. The first one is coming up soon on April 10th. Maybe another trail day before the race to finish up. Come and you get burritos for lunch for working a few hrs.


  1. It was a perfect day for a trail build for sure. I'm a little sore from it today!

  2. And you guys rode afterwards. I was cooked after a 19.2 hr week and too much Mexican food.
    It was great to see how hard everyody worked for one burrito. LOL

    The Commuter