Friday, March 12, 2010

Warm temps = ride outside

This week has been great for riding. The prediction was for rain most of the week but what we've been getting is temps in the 50-60 and dry roads. Dry roads in the sense that's not raining but very wet with the snow melt or big thaw that has ditches, creeks, rivers and some roads running high with the runoff. Most of the snow pack is gone. The metroparks are alive with a lot of people letting their dogs crap on the trails, joggers working on future hearing aids and running on the middle of the trail and then giving you a dirty look if you "politely" yell passing. Lots of fun indeed. These are the same people that join a gym in January by February they are gone never to show again until next January. They come out in droves at the first sign of decent weather then go back inside for the rest of the spring and summer to sit on their fat... and watch TV or play games. Their arms get real strong pulling the lever on the recliner. Use the treadmill to hang clothes and to brag when they have company that "I run a few miles every night" yeah, right, why don't you dust it off first so you can see the console.
I feel much better now after this ranting, stumbling, fumbling, bumbling session. Nothing better that to let it all out early in the morning.
Don't forget to go out and ride even if it's raining, get wet, get dirty, have FUN.
More ranting to come at a later date.

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