Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

for a ride down to the park. Yesterday I turned around at the Farview Park iron bridge because I went out too late and didn't take lights with me. Today I rode to the boat docks with a stiff breeze blowing once in a while, but it was all supose to be Z3 anyways. Nice tail wind coming back. I really enjoy riding the path all the way to the boat docks during days like yesterday and today. Don't get me wrong I do prefer warm and sunny weather but if I'm riding the path I prefer cold windy and wet, this way not too many people are on the path. And no, I didn't get into it with anybody today, there weren,t enough of them. I counted only 35 people on the path today and most of them were by the maple sugar festival. This time of the year I get really paranoid about riding the roads, drivers are getting used to us again and I'm constanly looking over my shoulder.
Now, getting back to Z3, I don't know about any of you that trains with the zones but I find it very difficult to hold Z3 for long time. I'm always creeping into Z4 and when I get home and download most of the time was spent in the lower Z4. I try to go by feel most of the time. I wonder if I need to adjust my zones, hmmm. The highest I hit in the last month was 187 and looking at the book I'm well within my parameters so, I guess I'm just have to try harder to stay in Z3 during my next long ride. Finished the weekend with 6:15 hrs. Now that we have 1 more hour of daylight is time to start riding to work and doing more long rides in preparation for Cohutta. Riding to work gives me 4-5 hours 2-3 times a week and I can use the extra hours. Cohutta is not an easy race, specially if it rains, lots of fire roads climbing with clay that just sucks you down and zaps all the energy out of you. I always remember the first time I raced there when they had the 35 miler, it rained from 3am to 6am and the 35's were that last group out with over 250 riders in front of you. Back then I didn't have an extra set of wheels and my set up was Specialized fast tracks and within the first 5 miles I had hit the deck 3 times, finally I got smart and lowered the tire pressure to 25psi and was able to ride without almost falling again.
Don't want to bore you anymore but..


He's been in rehab since Barbie dumped him, too much wine and booze trying to forget.

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