Wednesday, March 17, 2010


cold ride in today. I've rode fall and winter and my toes never got cold even when it was raining until today. I left the house at 4:55am and it was 33 but as soon as you hit the parkway it drops at least 3-5 degrees and more in some pockets. My hands which they usually get cold doesn't matter what gloves I wear even with heater packs felt nice and toasty. Met up with another rider going my way and rode together for about 45 minutes and I even think I saw Brett riding the other way, I'll have to ask him if it was him. Brett is training for the TransIowa race.
Anyways it was a good ride in except for all the skunks skunking up the road the first hour of the ride, wow. Took it easy and made in 2:01. Now I'm ready to eat, work and get ready for the ride home.

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