Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy days on Saturdays make me smile

No people on the bike path. Only the hardy ones come out to play. I went to the rec. ctr. this morning to fix a couple of spinning bikes and since it wasn't my turn to do the classes I went down to the weight room for an hour. The "Ho" came down after the spinning class and talked me into jumping in the pool for a few laps. All I did for an hour was upper body stuff focusing on the arms. I haven't been in the pool for at least 9 months (Iused to swim 3-4 times a week) but I felt good. Swam 20 laps and I can't wait until tomorow to see if my arms fall out of the sockets. Went home had lunch and vegetated until my daughter called me that she had been hit by a car while driving home. We went to the scene of the accident and everything was fine the cops were there and everything was under control. It was actually a 3 car accident caused by a person turning left not watching what she was doing. Thank God nothing more serious happened to any of them.
After we came back home I got ready and went down to the park on the mtb. It had been raining all day so, like I said at the beginning hardly anybody was there. The wind was actually blowing kind of hard and I had a head wind all the way out. On the way back it was nice. Put in another 2:44. I wanted to finish with 3hrs but I started too late and didn't take lights with me and it was getting dark fast. By the time I made it home it was almost dark and I only had the tail light. One thing about riding in wet rainy weather, it really tires you out.
Do you think this tree will fall into the river soon. By the way this is an old picture, the snow is all gone.
A closer look

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