Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday got up at 5:30 to set-up the goals at the soccer fields, 10 fields in total.
Then headed to Mohican to do a lap on my mountain bike. The trail was perfect, very dry and only a couple of spots had a little mud. There was quite a few riders enjoying the day yeterday.
The first 9 miles went perfect and I was holding back because I felt too good. Then around the 10th mile it hit me, I had to slow down and take a couple of gels for instant energy. Made it to the covered bridge and instead of taking the trail I decided it was best to rest and climb the road to the top which is about a mile and change. Got to the top and met up with Mike Colonna, Cochran, Jason and a couple other riders who were coming out of the trail. tried to ride with them but had to slow down. I did catch up to Jason and this other dude which I forgot his name and I just kept on riding, they were hurting worse than I was. The heat didn't help, it was hot and I started to cramp up on the inside of my legs, but my solution to cramps is to beat them up with my nuckles without stoping and it worked. Once fatigue sets in you get a little careless and that's when accidents happen. I rounded a corner and came up to a rock garden that I have rode right through it before without any problems, didn't lift my front wheel and over the handlebars I went. Scrapped both elbows and hit my left hand hard on the rock. Funny, my knees didn't even get scratch on them. I managed to finish strong and i can say even as tired as I was I rode everything but the section I fell on.
Today up at 6:30 out the door by 7:30 and headed to Hinckley to watch the biathlon. Ken, Henry and Steve were doing it. Ken did very good in spite of not being able to run much because of his accident at Rays. Henry had a super race and waon his division as did Steve who also won his division, the big boys division, Clysdales.
I ended up with 3 hours and 50 miles for the day.

The fields

The trailer

The road up

Tired rider

The covered bridge

The mohican river


Steve, Stop waving and focus this is a race no a walk in the park.


Jim O from Camba getting his training in for the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race.

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