Friday, April 24, 2009

The Show

The show was excellent in terms of visitors to our booth. I talked to a lot of our Latin American customers. Our booth is new and it looks very nice and open. Other booths in the show had to much clutter in them. The show uses all the halls at the convention center and you need one full day to walk all of it without stopping too long anywhere. I took a walk to the Central Hall and got lost looking for the entrance to the South Hall. I wanted to go check out the Microsoft booth, never made it. The Panasonic booth even had two HD theaters that you needed tickets to get in.
I took a few pictures of the show but didn't take pictures of the hotels on the strip, maybe next year if I make it back. Nancy (my co-worker) and I walked from the show to our hotel the MGM hotel casino, almost 4 miles everyday but Thursday. I can ride a hundred miles easier than I can walk 4. My sheens and ankles were swollen from all the walking and don't even mention my back from standing all the time. That was about all the exercise I did. The show hours ended at 6pm. dinner at 7:30 back to the room at 9:00, not much time to do anything else. I'm really going to be hurting today when I go out for a couple of hours to start my last month of training before the Mohican 100k mtb race. Tuesday night we ate dinner together in Dawns suite watched the Mall Cop movie and we all had a great time laughing and joking.

Part of the crew, Bill, Lynn, Nancy, Don, Dawn, Augusto and myself, great people to work with. Nancy is holding and award we received at the show for one of our new products.

I love to have one of this with my own satellite on top

Were they really working?????????????

Our booth

Part of the Central Hall.
I took more pictures but most of them came out blurry. I need a better camera.

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