Monday, April 13, 2009

Todays commute

Last night before I went to bed I checked the weather one last time, it still said partly sunny for today. Get up at 4am get ready head downstairs turned the weather on and everything changed overnight. Dry in the morning showers in the afternoon. It was decision time, my backpack was ready since I get everything ready the night before and all I needed to do was throw my breakfast and lunch in and take off which by the way it's exactly what I did. I left later than usual, I went downstairs and tried to install my road fenders real quick but since I had them on my other road bike I had to do to many adjustments and I just left. I did throw in my rain pants and heavier rain coat in the backpack which brought the weight total to 14.2 pounds, ouch. The temp. was better that other days 34 when I left but a very stiff breeze blowing in my face all the way to work. I hit the bike and hike and I didn't need the head light anymore which was good because I was able to sneak up on a coyote that was just sitting there on the middle of the trail. I tried to pull the camera out real quick but he heard me and ran into the woods. I'll be ready next time. Left work at 10 after 4 and my legs felt really heavy but I was happy because the wind direction didn't change, the temp was 47. I had a tail wind most of the way home. Did 4 intervals of 2-3 minutes each at almost max effort and felt good. The rain finally came as I was going up 130th and had to stop to put my raincoat on. Overall a good day 64 miles and over 4 hours to start the week.

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