Friday, April 10, 2009

Just tempo

Went out at 1pm today on the mountain bike under a light drizzle. Waited to long to go out spent the morning putting together a small trailer I bought online to pull with the Vibe. Soccer season is here and 16 goals at 35 lbs each would be a little to much for the vibe. As soon as I started putting it together am telling myself what pc of crap did I wasted my money on. But once I finished it does look like a nice trailer. Pics later.
Anyway I headed to the boat docks on the bike path and met up with Brett who was on his way home from the office putting in the miles on his Specialized hard tail getting ready for Cohutta. I turned around and kept him company until we reached the bottom of the hill before Ridge road, he was on his own from there on. Before I turned around I was just trying to stay at or close to zone 3. He tells me I'm just doing about 40 minutes of tempo riding and then slow down. Well Brett, your tempo riding had me at the top of zone 4 creeping into zone 5. After a while we slowed down and I was able to snap a couple of pictures after I shoved my heart down from my throat to were is supposed to be. Thanks for the workout Brett you are an animal. Keep it up for Cohutta.

The latest book I'm reading. You'll never think the same about sugar after you read it. The author makes it intersting and funny, worth reading, buy it.

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