Wednesday, December 28, 2011


has December gone. It seems it was a couple of days ago we were setting up the village and hanging lights outside. Every year we say the same thing.
Christmas weekend was excellent with Christmas eve dinner at our house. We didn't have the typical puertorican dinner, we opted instead to have a mix of foods that resemble nothing of a PR Christmas dinner. Ham, brocoli and cheese casserole, baked potatoes...and everything was excellent. We had 3 different Christmas ales on hand, wine and I made "store bought" eggnog and mixed cocunt rum in it and tasted...I'm not going there. All in all a great night with tthe family.

Did a lot of riding and put in 9 hrs of riding outside with the nice weather we had with the big one a 4hr 13 minute ride on Monday. Winter seems to be getting ready to hammer us with our first measurable snow of the year yesterday. The drive home wasn't fun yesterday, but made it in one pc.
Here's a few pics from my rides this weekend.

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