Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it a pattern

I just realized that over the last few weeks most of my posts have been on Mondays. It is a pattern that I aim to break. I don't want to dissapoint all my readers...all 1 of them.
It was a good weekend for riding, decent temps a nd not too wet. Took the "Ho" out on his first ever reide with falling snow and he was like a little kid, "Oh look, snow on my tires". Where have you've been all your life? He had one of those rides where his legs didn't want to go  anywhere for the entire ride. After I left him by his car about to collapse I put in another hour and fiished with 3.5 for the day. Sunday it was some of the same but a shorter 1.5hr ride. All 5 hrs on the 29er single speed which is all I ride all winter long. Easy to clean after a ride and no gears to mess with.
spent almost 4 hrs on Friday chaging tires and I'm not done, I'm yet to put the roller tires on my road bike. Installed 2 Schwalbes Rocket Rons on the Jamis getting it ready for the Florida trip in February and 2 Kenda Karmas 1.95's on the SS for better rolling resistance.

I can't wait to hit the road and head to FL. and ride offroad in preparation for TSE. Croom, Santos, Alafia, Boyete and more are the trails we are going to hit during our stay there. Saturday Feb 4th we are doing the Croom Ride  which is only 3 miles from where we are staying. Hopefully we'll have good weather on our drive down. For now, we are happy with the weather we are having which is good enough to ride without getting frostbite in your...

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