Monday, December 5, 2011

Saturday Trail Day

Saturday was a trail work day at the new trail in the Mill Stream reservation at "H" hill which is not going to be called that anymore once the trail is open.
Rode the long way from home (8miles, normally 4) with 25lbs strapped to my back with work clothes boots etc. and rode back the same way to put in a few miles on the bike.
It was around 32-35 degrees when we started and high 40's when I went home after the lunch which was provided by the Metroparks.
About 50 people showed up and a lot got done. The trail is going to be about 8-9 miles long of smooth swoopy lines. The park wants the trail to be begginer friendly and that is fine with me, the park is opening up to MTB'ers and that's a step forward. The trail is going to be open to hikers which may bring some complaints but we need to get along and work together towards the building of more trails in the Metropark system. I went home and sat on a chair for a 1/2 hr before I could do anything, I was beat and I only worked for about 3hrs a lot of people stayed until 3:30. I forgot how hard trail work is, but I was happy I was able to make it. Another trail work day is scheduled for next Saturday and I'm planning on making it later in the morning after my spinning classes.
Is going to be cold on Saturday, 31 for the high, but looking forward to the ground getting hard and no snow so I can do some off road soon.

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