Friday, December 16, 2011

Company/department party

lots of good food.
last night the wife and I baked a couple of Flans for my company or department Christmas party. The receipe we followed had a typo and we double on the ingredients when we didn't hsve to. The wife did say that it looked like we had too much. After an hr in the oven we are exited to see how is going to look...and taste; I stuck the knife in it and it had not harden at all. She's starting to get frantic, is 9pm, she calls every latin bakery in town and a restaurant, nobody answers and the restaurant doesn't have one to sell. Last recourse, I'll buy a pumkin and apple pies at the 24hr supermarket in the morning. I go out and buy some of the ingredients again and we start from scratch again. It was 1am when I went to bed and she went to bed a lot later and got up at 5:30am to flip the darn things.

I'm glad to say both flans turned out really good. They were half gone before I was able to take a pic,

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