Thursday, December 8, 2011

GB answers and more

First one: False. Christopher Columbus took the name from his own patron saint, and it was later shortened from St. Christopher to St. Kitts
Two: C. Lawrence Rockefeller who first visited in 1952, bought up much of the island, created a resort on part of it, and donated the rest as a U.S.national park.

Back on the rollers last night and didn't ride off them like I did on Monday.
Watching more of the Iceman videos.
the workout went like this:
10min warm-up on the 23
starting on the 23 and then shifting up every 3 minutes for 24
2 min fast steady tempo
1 minute slow (er) but steady
that was 24 mins.
Then started the same but shifting down every min. for 16 mins
1 minute fast steady tempo
1 minute slow(er) but steady
10 minute cool down
1 good hr on the rollers with no accidents.

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