Friday, December 23, 2011

Small gestures

This Christmas season fight the urge to be rude, to be the first at the gas pump or the cashier line, to yell at somebody who cut you off, to yell at your kids or family, to run the red light almost causing an accident, to text and drive, to use the phone while driving for that matter, don't speed up so the car next to you can't get in front of you. A small gesture doesn't matter how small will make somebody do the same, open a door for somebody, let somebody in on the road from the gas station, have fun with the family, turn the cell phone off for a while and forget about facebook, be happy, smile more, IT IS the Season.
Why I'm writing this, why not? We are always in a hurry thinking only about what we want and don't give a darn about anybody or anything else. Take a deep breath and do it, it doesn't cost you anything and you'll feel better.


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