Sunday, December 25, 2011

Checked it twice...

Making a list and checking it twice, trice...
Races will be added, substracted, missed, forgotten...

With the "good" riding temps and weather we are having I've been able to ride outside a lot more than last year when it seemed we had snow on the ground from November to March.
My first big training block in preparation for TSE is 7 days of riding in Florida in February including the Croom ride, after that is a 4 day weekend in Ashevile in early March.
I'm still debating what races to do before TSE but here's and early list:
The Lowell 50 gravel road 
The Cohutta Big frog 65
Stoney Creek 6hrs
Maybe Race at the lakes and the Covered bridge series.
After TSE I don't know how many more races  I'll enter. Money is going to be tight with all the expenses involving TSE but I'm sure I'll do a few more to take advantage of my form and training after. Many spin classes to do.
Hope you are having a great Christmas with your new toys.

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