Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nice long holiday

Last week I took Wednesday off to make it a nice long weekend .
Wednesday moning my wife an I met with our future son in law for breakfast because he wanted to ask permission to  marry our daughter. It was nice to see a young man asking the old fashion way. After I showed him my collectors edition Magnum 357 we said yes, you have permission to ask her. Well, I don't have a gun and he was already shaking. Saturday we met them and his parents for lunch and had a good time. His whole family loves her and we couldn't ask for a better person to marry her. We are happy.

Wednesday afternoon rode a good 25 miles on the 29er SS with a 34/16 road gear and I think I'm going to keep that set-up for winter training.
Thursday rode with part of the "depends" gang on the bike and hike on the annual Turkey ride. Rode to Silver lake in Stow had a picnic and turned around with Ross and Jeff. Ended up with another good 31 miles for the day on the SS again. At times I was spinning my brains out but liking it.
Friday rode with The Ho which bought a nice entry level 29er for winter riding. I took him out on his maiden voyage and he enjoyed his first time on a mountain bike. (No pic here, next time)
Saturday was a ride to "H" hill to check out the new trail in the Metroparks. Found it was dry enough and rode half of it with minimal mud. This is going to be a great trail for beginners and hopeully attract more women to the sport. I raced in Michigan a few times this past summer and I noticed more women racing there than we get here for races.
All weekend long the wife and I worked on our Christmas Village and we think it turned out real good.
it grew from a 3x6 sheet of plywood to a 4x8 and 3 small tables.
A long weekend in pictures.

 Picnic at Silver Lake

 Santa had a little too much eggnog
 The Toad king favorite shop

 How it all started

And finally from my friend Darren in Australia.
How to change a tire on a model T-Ford.
It took him most  of the day.
Notice the old license plates that his dad has collected over the years and of course, the "token" bike hanging in the garage.
Good job my friend, would love to take a ride in that T-Ford, take good care of it.

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