Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter hike

Up this morning at 6:30 to take the car for an oil change. Came home, the temp gauge said 17 degrees, snow falling, the sun trying to peak through the clouds...time for a hike. Drove down to H... hill and headed out, almost 3 hrs later and close to 5 miles I was happy. Dressed perfect for the weather, didn't get hot or cold, heater packs in the mittens, perfect hike. The hiking trail is close to the highway and this time of the year the noise is louder because there's no vegetation to muffle it, but there's something about a morning winter hike, doesn' matter where that perks you up. Nobody on the trail and my tracks where the first ones to cut the snow and even with the far away low road noise, silence. If you stop long enough to let your heart beat rest, you can almost hear the snow falling.
I hear so many people complain about the weather it's frustrating because they don't try to make the best of it. Yes, I admit it can be depressing once in while even fo me, but let's make the best of it. Look for ways to have fun and enjoy it and I'll guarantee you before you know it, spring is here. That's why I'm going out again in a couple of hrs to ride my bike for as long as I can stand it.

A squirrel ran from one end to the other on a down tree

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