Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not the time to get sick.

With less than 4 weeks to participate in La Vuelta I'm starting to get sick. It feel like a sinus attack coming.
I felt sick Sunday when I got home from church and decided to stay in instead of going out in 25 degree weather. Yesterday while most everybody went back to work, I had a day off since the place I work for gave us Friday and Monday off, I went out for a couple of hrs. The couple of hrs turned into 3hrs with head winds coming back once again. Still, this time of the year going to the boat docks in Rocky River and back is my favorite ride. The bike path for the most part is void of people. Yesterday I only had to say passing 5 times in a little under 40 miles. With 3 miles to go I could see trouble brewing ahead when I saw a group of "seniors" about 15 of them, walking on the path. I started saying "passing" way way back and nobody was moving. I started thinking, is it going to be the "cane mutiny" again. thankfully once I was 5 feet behind them they finally heard me and moved out of the way with no complains. Last year I almost got "caned" to death until the sweet ladies told the "old timers" to turn the hearing aids up. Even with events like that and people walking their dogs, I prefer to ride the path on my single speed. I never ride the parkway road north anyway, drivers are stupid on that part of the park.
Anyways, like I was saying, is not time to get sick, so I'm taking this week easy and crank it up again next week. Lots of Airborne
product image
It has worked before, hopefully it'll work again.
Here's some pictures from yesterdays ride.

During todays drive home the sun was shinning for the first time in a few days.

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