Monday, January 17, 2011


What goes through your head before you get on the trainer/rollers?
Do you have a specific workout planned?
Do you just spin at a certain rpm's?
No plan at all.
There are days when I don't even know what I want to do when I get on the trainer or the rollers.
Your head starts spinning...maybe I'll do and easy spin to recover from yesterday. But yesterday wasn't that least you'll be spinning your legs. How many times I'm I goin to watch the same "Cake Boss" rerun? ESPN today? How about NCIS? Or...I hate to admit this, take a peak at the stupid spanish soap that my wife watches every night...all I need to do is watch 10 minutes once a week and I know everything that happened during the last week...sick, very sick bordering on insanity. What is it with spanish soaps that eveything is about how deep the cleavage is? I'm sure there's a big male following. Yeah, I know what you are thinking...looks who's talking when he takes a peak once in a while.
Anyway, back to the trainer. Yesterday I got on te trainer and all I could think about  was, take it easy you had 2 hard spinning classes yesterday, just watch the game and put in an easy hr. Well, I spun for about 10 minutes and ended up with one of my best workouts this winter season. I did 4 10 minute hill intervals with 4 30sec. and1 minute pick ups in each of the 10 min intervals. I started on the 17 shifting up to 15, 13, 11. After I finished the 4th interval I shifted down one minute at a time until I reached the 19 and spun at 80-95 rpm's for another 10 minutes. In all 1hr 20 minutes for my longest trainer/roller workout so far and I have to say, It was hard but it felt great at the end.
No plan at all, pc of cake, go with the flow.

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