Friday, January 14, 2011


If you like the smell of coffee take a ride with me. Every (well most) M, W, F I get up at 4:30am to workout at home. First thing I do is read the daily devotional and make a pot of coffee, ahhh coffee. After I finish eat breakfast and get ready to leave I pour the rest of the coffee in my "trusty" coffee mug and head for work. Stay with me, it gets better...Most of the time I don't finish all of it and leave the "trusty" coffee mug in the car and when I get home I take it in to get washed. A couple of days ago, wednesday to be exact it was the same routine except when I picked it up it fell on my front seat all over my gloves, scarf, the hoodie I keep in the car in case I have to walk. I'm screaming at myself trying to soak it all up with the gloves the scarf the hoodie, I run in the house, I'm really PO now, my wifes asks what's wrong, I'm still screaming at myself, she doesn't ask again, I run outside with paper towels...the coffee is gone into the depths of the passenger seat. I soaked as much as I could and left the windows down. I threw the "trusty" mug away since I don't need to drink coffee in the morning on my way to work now, all I have to do is take a deep breath and I'm good for the day. Today is Friday and the smell is still there. Who needs air fresheners, just let me take a ride in your car with a "trusty" mug and I'll set you up.
Coffee it does the body good...


  1. There's another coffee poster:
    Coffee "Do stupid things faster"
    Have a good workout and keep it upright

  2. Upright is right, the coffee smell in the aftrenoon drive home gives me enough caffeine that I can't doze off in the car.